What is it?

The Data Marketplace is a hub to buy and sell earth observation products and services at any stage in the supply chain. Whether you need analysis ready satellite imagery or analysis from an area of interest, you can find it on our Marketplace.

Who can use it?

Anyone. In the past decade we have seen amazing applications for Earth Observation Imagery. Finding use in climate research, mining operations, maritime shipping, your favourite TV shows, and to provide new insights to growing industries. So no matter your business or background, you can innovate with space data.

How does it work?

  • Access our web app and select your area of interest.

  • Find exactly what you want with intelligent search, like "The latest CO2 pollution"

  • Select which product or service that best suits you.

  • Subscribe to the product to get the latest updates, or use the Pay As You Go option.

  • Download your data or access it directly in code via our API.


Easy Management

Manage all your subscriptions or pay as you go products through your dashboard. This gives you access to API keys for each product, as well as important details for your purchases. All in one user friendly interface.

Unique API

A single point of access from code to our platform. Access your subscriptions or products in your code via our API. You can also use our API to upload your products to the Marketplace as a seller.

Natural Search

We make it easy for you to find what you what, without the tech-speak. Our search allows you to find exactly what you want and works with our interactive map to give you the best results.

Universal Licence

We are working with industry leaders to create a licence that works for everyone, from supplier to end user. Streamlining the long process of negotiations throughout the supply chain, to a simple universal licence.